Noteworthy / significant contributions:

Unfortunately most of my paid work is not open-source. However, I do have some public projects I’m proud of.

  • khan/react-components: React components originally from within Khan Academy that I open-sourced. This is the first example that I know of publishing React components on npm, now standard practice.
  • Khan/perseus: Khan Academy’s exercise editing system. I wrote the integration between Perseus and the main website. Creating and saving exercises; creating, saving, moving, renaming questions within an exercise.
  • Khan/KAS: Khan Academy’s computer algebra system. I created simple physics / units of measure support, so you can, say, answer a question in /kg/, when the answer was originally stated in /g/.
  • joelburget/react-live-editor: A tool for live editing react components in the browser, used on the react-components landing page.
  • joelburget/pigment: An experiment in programming language design. Very much a work-in-progress. This was originally a fork of the Epigram programming language, but is now based on more practical JavaScript tooling.
  • joelburget/react-haskell: Bindings in Haskell for Facebook’s React JavaScript library. It works well considering that it’s Haskell running in the browser to drive UIs. But this is the project where I learned when to quit. I wrote about using react-haskell for user interfaces on my website.
  • joelburget/haste-compiler:commonjs: I took an existing Haskell-to-JavaScript compiler and integrated it with conventional JavaScript tools (CommonJS modules), so that you can more easily use Haskell and JavaScript together. <div style={{margin: ‘20px 0 40px’}}>

Many of my projects fall in this niche I’ve carved out for myself in the intersection between UI and typed functional programming. I enjoy applying the lessons I’ve learned from each domain to the other.


  • Khan Academy - Software Developer (2011-2015): I worked on many things during my time at Khan Academy — search / autocomplete, tooling, frontend UI, etc. Full-stack Python / JavaScript web development.
  • Consultant (Oct 2015 - Feb 2016): I worked as a front-end web consultant with a specialiation in React / Flux. I worked with Spring where I built their web search feature and AlphaSheets where I helped with architecture and best practices.
  • JP Morgan - New Product Development Engineer - Vice President (Feb 2016 - Current): I’m currently working on adding Raft-based consensus to the Ethereum Virtual Machine / Blockchain. I previously split time between a developing a functional programming language called Hopper and front-end web development and design.


BS Mathematics, BS Computer and Information Science with honors. Spring 2012, Ohio State University.