VAS Dairy “Manage your herd easily and accurately with the world’s leading herd management software.” Now imagine this but for a million other niches you’ll never hear of.

Striking overhead photos of the German steel industry

Realtime map of the carbon intensity of electricity production in various countries

Where to Find Roger Ebert’s Great Movies Streaming


  • “The aim of is to provide a directory of all the available public texts which are formatted for Roam.”
  • Interesting:
    • Buckminster Fuller: Everything I know
    • The Art of War
    • Address to the Nation on the Challenger disaster
    • Machiavelli, The Prince
    • Plato, Epictetus
  • “The purpose of RoamBrain is to collect together resources about Roam for both new and more advanced users.”

Free springer ebooks, categorized

Connected Papers — explore connections between academic papers. Seems to use Semantic Scholar as its source. Here, for example, is a paper I really like. Too bad I already have too many papers to read.

The bellows guy (from last week) built a 4k projector(!)

DisCoCat (category theory)

Unintended (positive consequences). Direct cash payments in Indonesia lead to a decrease in deforestation. “Conservationists don’t have to see this as a zero-sum game—that if the money goes to poverty, it’s not helping the environment.”

Who the Hell Is This Joyce (H. G. Wells)

- "Your training has been Catholic, Irish, insurrectionary; mine, such as it was, was scientific, constructive and, I suppose, English. The frame of my mind is a world wherein a big unifying and concentrating process is possible (increase of power and range by economy and concentration of effort), a progress not inevitable but interesting and possible. That game attracted and holds me. For it, I want a language and statement as simple and clear as possible. You began Catholic, that is to say you began with a system of values in stark opposition to reality. Your mental existence is obsessed by a monstrous system of contradictions. You may believe in chastity, purity and the personal God"
    - what a great description of what is is to be English and what it is to be Catholic
- "You have turned your back on common men—on their elementary needs and their restricted time and intelligence, and you have elaborated. What is the result? Vast riddles. Your last two works have been more amusing and exciting to write than they will ever be to read. Take me as a typical common reader. Do I get much pleasure from this work? No. Do I feel I am getting something new and illuminating as I do when I read Anrep’s dreadful translation of Pavlov’s badly written book on Conditioned Reflexes? No. So I ask: Who the hell is this Joyce who demands so many waking hours of the few thousand I have still to live for a proper appreciation of his quirks and fancies and flashes of rendering?"
    - great description of reading Joyce concatenative, spreadsheet-style, stack-based, immutable vector graphics language (!!)

Modularizing SQL? forum post from 2007, still relevant

Laplace Transform

  • Good video explanation by Zach Star. I feel like I have to link to 3Blue1Brown on the Fourier Transform.
    • “This idea of using exponentials in linear differential equations is almost as great as the invention of logarithms, in which multiplication is replaced by addition. Here differentiation is replaced by multiplication… . See how simple it is! Differential equations are immediately converted, by sight, into mere algebraic equations”

The Art of Differentiating Computer Programs (book)