Announcing quiver: a new commutative diagram editor for the web

Amazing tool, so much easier than trying to write TikZ by hand. File this with in online math tools I’m excited about.

Mars in Color - Meridiani Planum Crater [ 8k ]

Stunning video.

Human-scale sewing machine demonstration Secret Life Of Machines The Sewing Machine

The Secret Life of Machines complete series

Debug Adapter Protocol

New tool from Microsoft.

The Debug Adapter Protocol (DAP) defines the abstract protocol used between a development tool (e.g. IDE or editor) and a debugger.

Why is life expectancy in the US lower than in other rich countries?

Albin Algebraic Topology


I’ve also watched the NJ Wildberger Algebraic Topology lectures. Both are great, enjoyable, and worth watching. I’d probably start with Wildberger.

I should have loved biology

Fascinating post by James Somers, recommended.