OCaml libraries

Lwd is a library that lets you build values that changes over time. It is a simple form of incremental computation, in the like of Incremental and React . It is only about interactivity. A bunch of companion libraries make it usable in different settings:

  • Nottui renders user interface in the terminal
  • Nottui-lwt add support for concurrent/asynchronous UI to Nottui
  • Nottui-pretty is an interactive pretty-printer (based on Pprint )
  • Tyxml-lwd is a Js_of_ocaml library for making interactive applications, using Lwd for updating the DOM and Tyxml for writing typesafe HTML Document.

How management by metrics leads us astray – Jakob Greenfeld – Experiments in Entrepreneurship and Learning

Hacker News comment:

Greenfeld comes perilously close to independently discovering Hayek. Local, specialized knowledge is essential, and is one of the hardest features to scale, if it’s possible at all.

Jay Alammar Language Models Visualizations

Still Alive - Astral Codex Ten

Slate Star Codex is back! Kind of. Also, Lorien Psychiatry.

Also from Lorien Phyciatry, SSRIs. “Will an SSRI change me into a different person?”

Sometimes people ask this question from a philosophical perspective, so I’ll start with a philosophy-style answer: does caffeine change you into a different person? Does alcohol? Does stress? Does depression? Does pregnancy? Does the birth control pill? Does falling in love? All of these change your brain chemistry, some of them in profound ways. Some of them change how you act, pretty noticeably. Does that mean you’re a different person? Read Derek Parfit for a good answer; my mediocre answer is something like “these things make you act differently but don’t make you feel a rupture in your sense of continuity with yourself.”

NYC 1940s and 1980s street view

Crane lifts a crane lifting a crane, lifting a crane which is also lifting a crane

Time-lapse video of a single cell transforming into a salamander


This is really impressive

The languages that everybody uses are too hard to apply formal methods to. Languages that are easy to apply formal methods to don’t get used because they’re not what people already know and write.

CEOs of Stripe and GitHub hacking together on a window manager 😃