CSRF, CORS, and HTTP Security headers Demystified

There’s a Wikipedia page on Composition over inheritance

Also, Inheritance was invented as a performance hack.

What’s going on here, with this human? - Graham Duncan Blog

My goal in this essay is to help others make better decisions on a potential hire, business partner, or even life partner as quickly and as accurately as possible.  It’s made up of suggested action steps and some of the ruminations that underlie them. At the end I include my own assessment of different personality assessments and some of my go-to interview and reference questions.

Internal Combustion Engine – Bartosz Ciechanowski


OCaml typechecker catches a redundant rule in Unicode line-breaking algorithm

UAX #14 for 13.0.0: LB27 first’s line is obsolete from Daniel Bünzli via Unicode on 2020-03-03 (Unicode Mail List Archive)

This is (not) a machine

/Why the machine metaphor has failed in biology and software and the concepts that are replacing it/

Efficiency is the Enemy

There’s a good chance most of the problems in your life and work come down to insufficient slack. Here’s how slack works and why you need more of it.

If you ever find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, sinking into stasis despite wanting to change, or frustrated when you can’t respond to new opportunities, you need more slack in your life.

Trying to eliminate slack causes work to expand. There’s never any free time because we always fill it.

Amos Tversky said the secret to doing good research is to always be a little underemployed; you waste years by not being able to waste hours. Those wasted hours are necessary to figure out if you’re headed in the right direction.

Contribution and abundance

In my experience there are really two things that lead to happiness and everything else is mostly noise. The two things are contribution and abundance.


“Modern window manager for the web”. Mixed feelings about this. I don’t think I would use this, exactly, but it points in an interesting direction.

Why RP-1 and not Methane for Falcon 9’s Merlin engines?

No evidence of physiological declines with age in an extremely long-lived fish

Contrary to expectation, we did not find any evidence for age-related declines in these physiological systems. Instead, older fish appeared to be less stressed and had greater immunity than younger fish, suggesting age-related /improvements/ rather than declines in these systems. There was no significant effect of age on telomeres, but individuals that may be more stressed had shorter telomeres. Taken together, these findings suggest that bigmouth buffalo exhibit negligible senescence in multiple physiological systems despite living for nearly a century.

Live bird migration maps

Real-time analysis maps show intensities of actual nocturnal bird migration as detected by the US weather surveillance radar network between local sunset to sunrise. Maps for every ten minute period since 2018

Exploring the software that flies SpaceX rockets and starships

Email explained from first principles

Incredibly detailed, interesting tools. I’d like to find time to read this (it’s long).


Love a good contrarian take.