• Survival and Flourishing .Com (SFC) (July 2023 - present): I recently joined SFC as the technical lead on a signature vetting system for AI-related petitions.

  • Google - Software Engineer (August 2019 - March 2023): I was tech lead for an engineering productivity team, building tools to help our partner teams within Google.

    • I built a tool projected to save many engineer-years (per year) by using static analysis to anticipate common failures before changes are committed (and code is run).
    • I mentored engineers new to the team (and to Google) and helped prioritize projects and our technical choices.
    • I’ve built performance, integration, and regression testing tools that run as part of every deploy.
    • I had a 20% project with the quantum computing team, building tools used to design chip layouts.
  • Monic - Cofounder (Feb 2018 - July 2019): Mostly focused on building the Pact property checking system.

  • JP Morgan - New Product Development Engineer - Vice President (Feb 2016 - Feb 2018): I worked on adding Raft-based consensus to the Ethereum Virtual Machine / Blockchain. Before that I worked on a functional programming language called Hopper.

  • Consultant (Oct 2015 - Feb 2016): I worked as a front-end web consultant with a specialiation in React / Flux. I worked with Spring (now part of Shoprunner) where I built their web search feature and AlphaSheets where I helped with architecture and best practices.

  • Khan Academy - Software Developer (2011-2015): I worked on many things during my time at Khan Academy — search / autocomplete, tooling, frontend UI, etc. Full-stack Python / JavaScript web development.


Noteworthy / significant contributions:

Unfortunately most of my paid work is not open-source. However, I do have some public projects I’m proud of.

  • khan/react-components: React components originally from within Khan Academy that I open-sourced. This is the first example that I know of publishing React components on npm, now standard practice.
  • Khan/perseus: Khan Academy’s exercise editing system. I wrote the integration between Perseus and the main website. Creating and saving exercises; creating, saving, moving, renaming questions within an exercise.
  • Khan/KAS: Khan Academy’s computer algebra system. I created simple physics / units of measure support, so you can, say, answer a question in /kg/, when the answer was originally stated in /g/.
  • joelburget/react-live-editor: A tool for live editing react components in the browser, used on the react-components landing page.
  • joelburget/react-haskell: Bindings in Haskell for Facebook’s React JavaScript library. It works well considering that it’s Haskell running in the browser to drive UIs. But this is the project where I learned when to quit. I wrote about using react-haskell for user interfaces on my website.
  • joelburget/haste-compiler:commonjs: I took an existing Haskell-to-JavaScript compiler and integrated it with conventional JavaScript tools (CommonJS modules), so that you can more easily use Haskell and JavaScript together.


BS Mathematics, BS Computer and Information Science with honors. Spring 2012, Ohio State University.